How To Prepare For Civil Service Admission With A UGC NET Exam Ranking


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In India, one of the toughest examinations to crack is the Civil Service Examination. It is a long way of tests that consists of three phases where you have to give your best in order to qualify yourself for the civil service admission. The path is beset with difficulties such as tough questions and very less time so you have to prepare yourself before sitting for the test. Here are some of the tips you can use if you wish to serve the nation with civil services.

Preliminary Phase

This is the first phase which consists of an aptitude test of general knowledge, critical thinking. This acts like a screening round which, upon cracking, takes you to the next phase. There is also another exam that you need to crack: the Civil Service Aptitude Test. It includes basic numeric, reasoning and English knowledge test. This consists of 33% as the qualifying marks. These are two compulsory papers you have to sit for. A solid preparation is necessary, hence.

Tips To Remember While You Sit For Civil Service Exams

Remember one thing, everybody out there is thinking the same thing: it is difficult to crack the exam because lakhs of students are applying for the examination. If you are thinking along the same line, it is time to scrap that thought and start preparing instead. It is all about strategy and upon applying the correct strategy, you can crack the examination in no time! 

  • Build A Routine: It is always the basic minimum preparation for any war or here, examination! Focus on your strong and weak working points and make out where you have to start from. You cannot mug it up and gulp it down in a day. Take as long as a year and start early.
  • Clear The Basics: It is very important to clear your basic concepts. Concepts regarding the significant developments of your nation, its geopolitical scenario is extremely effective in your knowledge practice. Always remember that to ace the civil service examinations, it is important to know your country properly. In that case, practical knowledge, experience and understanding helps a lot more than theoretical knowledge. 
  • Make Pointers: Many aspirants appear for UGC NET exam and also sit for the civil service exams. NET exams act as a preparatory step for those who are determined to fulfil their civil service admission. For both the exam preparations, it is important that you study and make pointers of whatever you are finding significant and important. It helps you to look back and revise.
  • Revise And Re-revise: It is the best possible way to clear the basics and be confident about it. You have to confident about the thing you are studying so that you can remember them with clarity.

Does A UGC NET Ranking Help?

Aspirants who have cracked the UGC NET exam get a JRF and an opportunity to become an assistant professor to excel in the field of academia. Many aspirants who dream of getting into IAS, IPS or IFS and other civil wings know that with an experience of taking the NET exam, they can take the preliminary exam with confidence as they are acquired with the knowledge and time management skills from before.

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