The Idea and processes from the Igbo Language

The word language is an extremely broad process. It’s an array of applications as a result it is not easy to reach just one comprehensive meaning of language, and that’s why, linguists have tried to define language in a variety of ways.

Tragar sees language like a system of arbitrary vocal symbols through which way of that the people of the society interact when it comes to their total culture. In the own way, David Kristle defined it as being an organized way of communicating ideas or feelings through conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures or marks getting understood meanings. I agreed using these definitions because both agree with the non-instinctive nature of language. This informs us that language left natural ability hence no individual needs to talk, under normal circumstance.

Igbo Language is among the languages that perform certain fundamental functions that the language is famous with. It’s informative, meaning it lets us know, and informs us what we should know and just what we might not know. This function works well for the propagation of understanding. With no informative role from the Igbo Language, it will likely be hard for anybody to become a partaker, or receive information or direction from another within the same language of expression. Igbo Language can also be accustomed to attract the emotions or feelings of individuals, using the capacity of arousing such feelings as pity, pleasure, sadness, anger, etc. With Igbo Language like a medium of expression, people could be sensitized either to make peace or fight.

Igbo Language includes a directive function. Aside from its significant or emotional function, Igbo Language directs those things of individuals. It might get people to to behave or to avoid it. Because language is essential within the transmission of knowledge, efforts are made so that the communicator utilizes a standard means or language to achieve his audience.

However, Nigerian political climate is not favourable to Igbo Language, being among the country’s foremost major languages. Most of the Igbo individuals have been fooled to think that individuals within their area are highly educated and therefore won’t have much related to their local language (Igbo), and thus information which is intended for that general consumption of those therefore are introduced and transmitted in other languages whereas another local languages in Nigeria may have their own conveyed in their own individual languages. This makes the Igbo individuals to leave speaking the Igbo Language with a high-risk of disassociating them using their culture.

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