Reason for Education

Education—like democracy, free markets, freedom from the press, and “universal human legal rights” — is among individuals subjects whose virtue is recognized as self-apparent. Same with the brilliance from the industrially advanced countries achieve them. Consequently, any package that arrives using these magic labels onto it, instantly qualifies for that “eco-friendly funnel” at our entry ports. No questions requested. This uncritical acceptance has seriously crippled our discussion of these vital topics. For instance in education the majority of our discussion centers around literacy statistics and the necessity to have a lot of graduates, masters, Phd’s, and thus many professionals — engineers, doctors, etc.— inside a given country in line with the standards within the industrially advanced countries. The central issue of curriculum, and much more fundamental publication of the reason for education normally don’t attract our attention they have been made the decision through the “advanced’ countries for all of us and our responsibility is just to follow along with within their actions to attain their degree of progress.

Indeed they’ve. Within the “first” world, education is becoming extra time from the capitalist system. Its purpose would be to provide qualified workforce because of its machinery of production willing and able consumers because of its products. Mentioned inside a more polished form, the objective of education is to maintain the economical success of the country. Similarly on the personal level today the objective of education is so that you can earn a decent living.

While earning halal living and supplying for that economic wellness of the country are extremely important Islamic goals too, the linking of your practice to financial targets is very unfortunate. It turns the centers of learning into mere vocational centers within their outlook and spirit. It degrades education and thru it the society.

To create home the pivotal but forgotten role of your practice we have to recall that there’s a simple distinction between people and creatures. Instincts and physical needs alone may bring ants, bees, or herds of monsters together to reside in a wonderfully functioning animal society. People don’t function this way. They aren’t restricted naturally to follow along with only individuals ways in which are essential for that harmonious operation of the society. If they’re to create a viable, thriving society, they have to chose to do this. What drives that option is the discussing of common goals, beliefs, values and outlook on existence. With no common framework binding its people, an individual society cannot persist it’ll disintegrate and become absorbed by other societies. Further, the society must be sure that the mutual understanding continuously hold from one generation to another. This is actually the real reason for education. The training system of the society creates the citizens and leaders required for the graceful operation of this society, now and to return. Its condition of health or sickness translates into the health or sickness from the society that it’s designed to serve.

Today we discover many internal problems — corruption, injustice, oppression, crippling poverty — everywhere we submit the Muslim world. When we consider it, we might understand that many of these troubles are man-made. That is a way of saying that they’re largely traceable, directly or not directly, towards the education system that created those who perpetuate the issues. The rulers who become unattainable to foreign forces and subjugate their people the bureaucrats who enforce laws and regulations according to injustice the generals who wage war against their very own people the businessmen who exploit and cheat the journalists who lie, sensationalize, and promote indecencies, they all are educated people, oftentimes “highly” educated people. The amount was designed to ready them for that roles they’re playing in tangible existence. And contains, although in an exceedingly unpredicted way!

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