How Can You Teach Kids English from Kindergarten?

In kindergarten, children uncover that letters and sounds can be integrated to make words, words can be created to make sentences and those sentences can be documented for us to read. Students additionally find out to listen carefully to poems, tales, as well as informational publications and to check out common words and basic books.

With conversations, publications, as well as experimenting with language, kindergartners discover several new words and use this expanding vocabulary to share concepts as well as information in conversations with schoolmates. They start to write as well as use a mix of attracting, creating, as well as dictating to describe their experiences and to offer information.

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Reading and composing

Matching letters to audios

Call top as well as lowercase letters and match them to their sounds.

Recognizing as well as blending noises

Recognize startling noises, as well as mix audios into simple words.

Common words

Quickly check out short, typical words, e.g., a, and, the, to, “by sight.”

Recognizing books as well as writing

Establish basic understandings regarding books as well as composing.


  • Follow words from left to right, leading to bottom, as well as page by page while checking out or being read to.
  • Determine the front cover, back cover, and title web page of a book.
  • Call the writer and illustrator of a story and discuss what each does.
  • Recognize as well as name durations and question marks.

Straightforward books

Review basic publications with understanding.

Engaging with many books as well as materials

Actively engage with many different sorts of books as well as published materials.

Some example texts:

  • “Over in the Meadow” by John Langstaff
  • “Kitten’s First Moon” by Kevin Henkes
  • “Pancakes for Breakfast” by Tomie DePaola
  • “Vehicle” by Donald Crews
  • “Impressive Whales!” by Sarah L. Thomson
  • “I Read Signs” by Tana Hoban

Asking and addressing questions

Ask as well as address concerns about stories and educational books.


  • What is this write-up or publication regarding? What is the author explaining? What did we gain from this?
  • Who or what is this story about? What takes place in the tale? How does the story end?

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