All You Need to Know While Finding Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata

In the current job market, Work From Home has started a new trend in the market. We see many big corporations adapting to this, and that is why you need to know a few things about Work From Home Jobs.

In Kolkata, recently, jobs are very few and are hard to get. Work From Home in Kolkata has opened new pathways to start earning. But, you have to know that these jobs will be very menial if you are working for any small organization. The job might be menial, but it will give you a huge workload but not enough money. To get good money, you have to understand which job requires what. But, if you have a job as a Digital marketer, you might get paid well.

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Types Of Work From Home Jobs

The below-given list  is the types of Work From Home jobs in Kolkata:

1) Data-Entry

In this job, you have to enter a bulk amount of data to enter in the forms or marriage registry or business datasheets, and many more. Data Entry is a daunting task since you get paid for the number of forms you fill. You are normally asked to type in data of at least 100 people in a day. Given the amount of data each person has, it becomes hard to keep your focus all day. Also, the eligibility for this type of Work from Home Jobs in Kolkata is as low as Class 8 Pass. So, if you have abnormal typing speed, can keep focus all day, and want to start earning, then go for it.

2) Content Strategist

Every business is now online, and it needs a content strategist to stand in the competition. “Content is King” because it is what makes others remember your brand. Hence you may find a lot of companies looking for a content strategist and hence creating Work From Home jobs in Kolkata. A content strategist helps in strategizing and selecting the type of content to ensure more engagement. It is a well-paid job, almost INR 30,000 per month on average, given you are good at it. It might be as low as INR 8000 when you start. The eligibility is normally prior experience and having skills like SEO typing, SEM, Digital Marketing. You can get these skills through certification courses in many places like Coursera, Udemy, etc.

3) Content Writing

Content Writing is another Work From Home Job in Kolkata which has a great demand. It requires a basic grasp of the English language or the language required by the company. As long as you can write good blog posts or captions for social Media Posts, you will be paid INR 15000 per month on average. 

4) Telecom Services 

Telecom services or call center jobs are well known amongst the youth of Kolkata. It is a job that never has saturation and always presents vacancies. Given you have a firm grasp of any language(preferable English), you can easily get this job. The eligibility criteria are as low as Class 10 Pass. The income varies from INR 8000 -INR 15000 per month.

Note: All the salaries here are estimations and can differ from the real market value. So research on your own as well and choose the job you deem fit as per your capabilities.  


So this is the list of types of Work From Home Jobs in Kolkata and all you need to know about it.

Remember to always update your CV. It is very important that you continue to skill up so that you can climb up your salary. Go to e-learning platforms and upskill yourself and get a good work-from-home job in Kolkata. 

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